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    Don’t Forget Your Air Filter


    While engines need air in order to run, for an engine to work efficiently, the air that it takes in needs to be as clean as possible. Your engine sucks in dirt, pollen, salt, and even bird feathers to create the controlled explosion that moves your motor. But you don’t want that stuff in your engine.

    That’s where an air filter comes in—to do all the dirty work. Connected to the engine’s intake manifold, the filter prevents particulates from clogging your engine. You need to change your air filter regularly, otherwise no air gets through. Here are three pretty convincing reasons to stay on top of changing your air filters.

    Fuel efficiency
    If your filter is dirty, it reduces the air flow to your engine. To compensate, the engine relies on more fuel to create the same bang. Who wants to spend unnecessary money at the pump? Save money on gas by changing your filter.

    Slowly but gradually, dirt and grit can cause serious damage to your engine. Changing your filters is a cheap, easy way to maintain your car and protect your engine.

    Reduced emissions
    Even if your carbon footprint is not top of your priority list, spewing toxins into the atmosphere doesn’t gain you karma points. Reduced air flow can mess with your emissions and cause you to discharge more waste than necessary. Reduce your environmental load by keeping your air filters in good working order.

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