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    The Safest Place for Your Car: Your Garage!


    One of the best—and least technical things—you can do to extend the life of your car may be right in your own back yard – your garage!

    We find it amazing that most people’s second most valuable investment gets short thrift, while holiday wreaths, old boxes, and paint cans get prime space in the garage. Why not pitch the junk and make room for your car? You’ll protect it from hail damage, falling branches, and the ravages of the elements.

    A garage allows you to not only avoid the morning hassle of a snowed in car, it also helps slow the steady deterioration of your car’s interior and exterior caused by bright sunshine and brutal storms. Plus, it’s safer to keep your car in the garage.

    Reclaim Your Garage
    What’s stopping you from getting rid of stuff in your garage? Do you have an accumulation of stuff you find it hard to wade through? Ask yourself if you really need it—a good clue is whether or not you have used the said item in the last year. Sort, sell, and give stuff away.

    If you need extra help getting rid of your clutter, there are plenty of professional organizers in Boulder County who love a good organizational challenge. If you don’t want to hire a service, rope in a friend who will consult with you in exchange for free food.

    The reward of tidy garage will be immediately apparent. When you see you car parked snugly in your garage, and everything in its place, a wonderful feeling of peace will settle over you. All is well, your inner voice will whisper. To each thing its season, and to each car its space.

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