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    Preparing Your Car for a Road Trip

    If you are planning to go on a road trip this Christmas Season, you have to make sure that your vehicle is in proper working condition or you might end up stuck by the side of a deserted road. This could ruin your fun. So, in order to avoid being in this situation, read on as we give you a few helpful tips on how to get your car in tip-top shape in time for your adventure.

    2 to 4 weeks before 

    Check the tires

    Two weeks before the scheduled trip, check the tires and make sure that they are inflated to the proper pressure.

    Low pressure might cause heat build-up. This could result to a blowout at high speed. Consult the owner’s manual if you don’t know how to check the tire pressure. Also, don’t forget to check the tire tread.

    Aside from this, you should also make sure that the spare tire is properly inflated. Also, check to see if the wrench, jack and other tire-changing tools are inside the trunk.

    Get any major repairs done

    If your vehicle needs maintenance or repair, we suggest that you have it fixed at least a month before the trip. This way, there’s still enough time to bring the car back to the mechanic if in case a problem occur.

    1 week before

    Check the air filter

    A clogged air filter could reduce fuel economy.  Air filters are easy to change and inexpensive. So, if your air filter has been in your car for more than 10,000 miles, now might be the best time to change or clean it.

    1 day before

    Fill the gas tank

    It is best to get your car ready a day before you leave since gas is usually more expensive on the road.

    Check the tire pressures

    Yes, you have to do it again! Most of the time, cars have 2 recommended ratings – 1 for heavy loads and 1 for light loads.

    If your entire family is joining the trip, it is best to visit a gas station and inflate your tires to the higher setting. Information about it could be found

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