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    Safety Tips for Teenage Drivers

    Safety Tips for Teens

    Studies reveal that teenage drivers account for more vehicular accidents as compared to any other age group. While the thought of car accidents could be disturbing, that does not necessarily mean that our teen drivers have to beg an adult to drive them or take public transportation to get to their destination. Taking precautions and practicing safe driving techniques is the key to staying safe on the road.

    Here are a few tips that will keep you and those around you safe while on the road.

    Eyes on the road

    While driving, it is important to keep your focus on the road. That being said, multitasking is not only a challenge for experienced drivers let alone new drivers, it is prohibited by law.

    Talking on cell phones are one of the common causes of vehicular accidents; texting has even higher instances of accidents.  In fact, several studies suggest that using a cell phone while driving is almost the same as driving drunk. Plus, most states prohibit the use of cell phone while behind the wheel.  That call or text can wait.

    Observe speed limit

    As a driver, you have to understand that speeding involves a number of consequences. Costly tickets, revoked driving privileges and potential deadly crashes are just some of them.

    Don’t feel pressured to keep up with the traffic. Rather, drive a safe speed and obey the speed limit. This will keep you away from fatal accidents and traffic tickets that may cause a hike on your auto insurance premiums.

    Drive solo

    It’s actually safer not to drive with friends, especially if you’re still learning how to drive. Driving with friends can be distracting.

    Fasten your seat belt

    This might be an obvious tip, but we’d like to emphasize the importance of wearing them. Compared to other age groups, studies show that teens are the least likely to wear a seat belt.

    Buckle up your seat belt and make sure that your passengers are wearing them too. Fines for not wearing a seatbelt can go as high as $200.

    Don’t imbibe and drive

    Driving under the influence (of anything) could be a fatal mistake. If you need a ride, call your parents or a friend to bring your home. Or better yet, use a designated driver when going out with friends.

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