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    Symptoms of a Sick Cooling System

    car cooling system

    For most people, summer is all about going on vacation and enjoying the warm weather. But before you get too excited, you’ll have to make sure that your car is in great shape. Cooling system failure is considered as the leading cause of vehicle breakdowns. That being said, knowing the symptoms of a sick cooling system is important as it could ruin your summer driving plans.

    It may not wheeze or cough, but there are definitive signs that your car’s cooling system is under the weather. Here are a few signs that you’re vehicle’s cooling system needs to be serviced.

    1. You need to continually add coolant to the radiator
    2. A sweet smell of anti-freeze
    3. Leaks of fluorescent orange, pastel blue or yellowish-green fluid under the front of your vehicle
    4. Overheating

    These are the most noticeable symptoms of a sick cooling system. If your car does show any of these symptoms, you need to have it checked immediately. Neglecting your cooling system may lead to serious damage or worse, complete engine failure. Unfortunately, this may put a stop to your much-awaited road trip.

    The primary role of the cooling system is to eliminate the heat that is usually generated during the combustion process. In most cases, the temperature could go as high as 200 degrees. If the heat does not go somewhere else, the engine components will eventually start to fail. This is what the cooling system does. The key parts of the cooling system are intended to remove the heat from the automatic transmission and the engine and disperse heat to the air outside.

    Cooling system neglect is said to be the primary reason for mechanical failure. That being said, regular maintenance is important as this can help prevent issues with your vehicle’s cooling system. The coolant / antifreeze should be replaced and the cooling system should be flushed every year. By doing so, you are removing the sediments that could damage the cooling system’s parts and helping the engine run cooler.

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