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Preparing Your Vehicle for Fall

prepare your vehicle for fall

Now that the summer is over, it’s time to start thinking about getting your car ready for fall. And as the season change, so do your car’s needs.

Now is the perfect time to focus on preventive maintenance for your vehicle. Give your car some attention in order to make sure that your car is ready before the cold sets in. Save yourself from headaches and the cost of an emergency breakdown later on by following the steps below.


Battery efficiency drops off significantly during the winter months. To make matters worse, there aren’t any signs before failure occurs.

Before the first cold snap hits, it is advisable to keep the battery connections clean, tight and corrosion-free. Also, make it a point to replace batteries that are more than 3 years or have your battery checked to avoid getting stranded.

Fluid levels

Check all fluid levels regularly, including antifreeze, transmission, power steering and brake. These fluids help keep the vehicle’s temperature within normal range, remove debris that may have accumulated and help neutralize internal corrosion.


Since they are a normal wear item for any vehicle, make it a point to have the brake systems checked, including the drums and motors. Also, plan ahead of time and anticipate before they become an extensive problem.

Oil and filter

Check the oil level at every fill-up. Have your oil changed, along with the oil filter, as specified in your owner’s manual.

For your next oil change, you might want to consider using the synthetic version. This is recommended as it removes more deposits, provides superior cold-temperature performance and has been proven to last longer as compared to conventional motor oil.


The performance of your car tires is critical to the efficiency and safety of your vehicle. So, be sure to check your tire’s pressure and tread depth. Also, don’t forget to check each tire for any bald spots or bulges.

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