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    Things You Should Always Carry in Your Vehicle

    No matter how safe you think you drive, an unexpected situation can happen at any time and being prepared could be the difference in keeping you and your family safe. Today we want to give you a list of some useful items you should keep in your car in case of an emergency.   

    9 Useful Items to Always Carry with You While Driving

    Owner’s Manual

    Many people don’t keep their vehicle owner’s manual inside their car. The owner’s manual has much useful information that can help you identify a problem and solve it.

    Cellphone with a Charged Battery

    It is always a smart thing to have an old cellphone in your car, even if it does not have a subscription but can be powered on to call 911.

    Bottled Water

    Water is necessary especially if you get stuck somewhere and have to wait for a while.


    Nowadays technology is at the top of the game, and even if you have a GPS on your phone or attached to your vehicle, make sure to keep a map so if your GPS navigation system fails, you have a map to help know where you are and where you need to go.  

    Booster Cables

    Also known as jumpers, booster cables will help you charge your battery if it goes dead. Also, you can help someone else in case they need assistance with their car battery.

    First Aid Kit

    A first aid kit should be a must in every vehicle. You never know when an emergency can occur, and being prepared is vital to avoid significant harm or even death.


    If you have a flat tire, Fix-a-flat can often provide just enough air in your tire to get you to a repair station.


    If you have an unexpected situation at night, a flashlight can save the day and help you see if there is not enough light on the road.

    Fire Extinguisher

    It is vital to have a fire extinguisher in your car; it could help you stop a fire and avoid a major disaster. Most importantly, it can save your life or even save someone else’s life by preventing a fire in time. 

    Car Repair and Maintenance Services in Boulder

    Car Repair and Maintenance Services in Boulder

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