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    Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle

    Keep Your Car in Optimal Condition

    Preventive Maintenance Tips

    Giving preventive maintenance to your car periodically will help you detect anything that is not working as it should, and fix it on time to prevent major damage that could cost more money. Here are some useful tips so you can perform your own inspection and keep your car in optimal condition.


    At least once a month, check and make sure that all of your exterior and interior vehicle lights are working.  


    Check that your car tires have the same air pressure every once in a while which will help you save money in gas, and it will help your tires last longer. Also, rotate and balance your tires at least twice a year to ensure that your tires wear evenly.


    Check your vehicle fluids like antifreeze, power steering, coolant, and wiper fluid. Depending on the vehicle make and model, some you can see the tank level, and in others, there are gauges or dipsticks you can pull out to check current levels. Also, check to see if there are any leaks and if that is the case, send it for repair right away.


    Check your oil level frequently and change it as stated on the label. Depending on the oil, and the mileage changes, make sure to know what type of oil and how often you need to replace it.


    Your visibility is essential to prevent an unexpected situation, and replacing your windshield wipers as soon as you notice that it is not removing enough water from the windshield, is a good practice.

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