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    Pay Attention to These 3 Vehicle Maintenance Steps

    Car Maintenance Tips

    There are certain things on your vehicle that if you pay attention, it will help to keep you safe while you are driving. Today we want to give you some tips so you can be sure that your car is safe.

    3 Car Maintenance Tips for Safe Driving  

    Replace Drained Fluids

    Vehicle fluids have a significant role in your vehicle functionality, and not checking them could cause a severe accident. For example, if brake fluids are low, your car can run out of brakes. Also if your car runs out of oil, the engine parts may seize up for good. So take some time every once in a while and check that your vehicle fluids are at the right level and are being changed when they should.

    Checking and Replacing Car Headlights

    Checking that your vehicle headlights are working will only take you a couple of minutes and replacing your car headlights is relatively easy and inexpensive. Driving around with burned-out lights could get you in trouble with a police officer and end up paying a traffic ticket. But, that is not the worst case scenario, you might provoke an accident since you won´t be able to see correctly at night, and also other drivers won´t be able to see you as they should.  

    Changing Bald Tires on Time

    One of the biggest mistakes many vehicle owners make is to make the most out of their rubber and extend its life even if they are already bald. This decision may put you and your family in a dangerous position. Bald tires may cause your car to lose control and not respond the way it should.

    Service and Repair for Your Vehicle

    Providing Quality Service and Repair for Your Vehicle

    At Allegiance Automotive, we love cars & trucks and spend every day repairing and maintaining vehicles at our Boulder, Colorado location. We believe in full-service car care and superior customer service. Bring your vehicle to us and let us take care of it with the most qualified technicians, and with the courtesy and commitment that you deserve.

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