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    What to Do If Your Car Overheats 

    If your car overheats, the best thing to do is to get help from a mechanic or have it towed to avoid further damage to the engine. But, if those options are not available, follow these directions.

    Simple Steps for an Overheated Vehicle

    • If your car overheats, do not drive more than a quarter-mile.
    • Pullover to a safe location and turn off the engine.
    • Wait until your car engine has thoroughly cooled or the temperature gauge has moved from hot to cold before opening the hood. 
    • Check if the coolant level in the radiator is full and if you are not sure where to locate the coolant reservoir tank, look for it in the owner’s manual. 
    • Open the radiator cap once the radiator is completely cold by twisting it off with a towel and beware of any hot steam. Check the coolant level, if needed, fill it. 
    • Check if the radiator and heater hoses have been disconnected, burst, or blocked.
    • Restart the engine and monitor the temperature gauge.  If it overheats again, pull off the road and turn off the engine.

    Essential Items to Keep in Your Vehicle

    • First Aid Kit
    • Coolant
    • Tool kit
    • Working flashlight
    • Non-perishable foods
    • Water

    Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Services in Boulder

    Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Services in Boulder

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