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    Interesting Facts About Ford Motor Company

    Ford Motor Company

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    Ford Motor Company: World’s First Car Manufacturing Company 

    Ford Motor Company first opened its doors in 1902 and became the first company to manufacture and sell cars. Today we want to write about some interesting facts about Ford, so you get to know a little bit more about this legendary vehicle manufacturer and American icon.

    • Since Henry Ford retired in 1945, all of the CEOs that the company has had are family members, which means that Ford Motor Company is one of the largest family-owned businesses in the world. 
    • Ford Motor Company was the first car manufacturing company that integrated the assembly line concept to build cars.
    • The oval blue Ford logo was launched in 1907, five years after the company started in the automotive industry.
    • In 1903 Ford Motor Company sold the first car to Dr. Pfennig, and in the present, it is owned by William Clay Ford Jr., who happens to be the current Executive Chairman of the company. 
    • Before founding Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford was the Chief Engineer of the Edison Illuminating Company. He also was a close friend of Thomas Edison, who encouraged him to open his own automotive company. 
    • Model A was the first car that was manufactured by Ford, which had a 2-cylinder engine that reached up to 30 mph. This car first sold for $850.
    • The first car to win the Le Mance race 4 years in a row was a Ford GT40.
    • In 1914, Henry Ford wanted his employees to have a life rather than just a living; that is why he offered them double the average market pay of $5 a day. 

    Ford Motor Company

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