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    What to Consider When Requesting an Estimate

    After a car collision, it’s crucial to get an honest repair quote for your vehicle. This is only the first step towards getting the damage fixed. You might be wondering how to approach this and where to start.

    Insurance companies often delay the estimate process, and you end up getting low-ball quotes for your vehicle damage repairs after an accident. The best way to avoid this is to hire experts like us at Allegiance Automotive to get a service price quote.You can find more information About Us and our services on this page.Here are some things you should consider when requesting an estimate: 

    Get a Quality Estimate

    After an accident occurs, get a repair estimate for your vehicle damage from the auto shop where you usually get your car serviced. It’s best to visit a qualified factory-authorized repair shop that can thoroughly assess all the damage to your vehicle. The estimate that any shop provides should be adequate to complete the job to the highest standards.

    In case they quote a very low amount, it’s akin to taking your car to the corner gas station for repairs. It will be insufficient to cover the high-quality repairs that you would have otherwise got at an authorized auto repair shop.

    Car estimate

    Getting a good estimate is crucial after an accident.

    Do Not Let the Insurance Provider Defer the Process

    Avoid letting the insurance provider delay the repair process. If they don’t carry out the inspection within a week of the accident, despite your timely intimation, its best to avoid delays and carry out the repairs yourself. You can demand reimbursement once the repairs are completed. However, when you get your car repairs without agreeing on an amount in advance, your service provider will be less inclined to settle the matter quickly.

    Keep an Eye Out For Low-Ball Estimates

    Be cautious if the third-party adjust or tells you to visit a repair shop they have ties with. The shop or insurance company may offer a repair quote far less than what you should rightfully get. Besides, some providers cut deals with local repair shops to carry out cheaper repairs that don’t meet the highest standards. This can also mean that they cut corners on the damage assessment and quality of work.

    Always get the inspection done at an independent repair shop to ensure that you get an accurate car repair estimate. In case the estimate from two different independent repair shops are higher than the estimate provided by the insurance company, chances are that the car service estimate the latter has given is inaccurate. All repairs should be handled by the shop that you pick.

    We at Allegiance Automotive can cater to all your automotive repair and maintenance needs. We specialize in all kinds of vehicles ranging from sports cars, and classics, to trucks.

    For more information on our car repair and maintenance services, or to get a car service estimate, give us a call at 303-938-9454 or fill in this Contact Us form, and we will get back to you in no time.

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