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    Never Underestimate Your Check Engine Dashboard Light

    If your car engine check light comes on, it can give rise to a feeling of dread. You worry that something is about to go wrong, and of course, you worry about the trouble, time, and cost involved in car repairs. But there is no need to panic.

    There are many different reasons why this light might be on. Let’s take a look at what these are and what you can do about it. The car engine check light illuminates when the vehicle’s computer believes there’s some problem affecting or that could affect your vehicle’s emissions control system.

    Check Engine Light Check Engine Light

    Check Engine Light

    Different sensors on your car could light up the check engine sign, but it is important to know which one and why.

    When this light comes on, some diagnostic trouble codes are in-built in the vehicle’s computer and these codes continue to remain there even after the light has gone out. If you face this issue, you would have to take the car to a skilled and licensed mechanic for repairs. They will use an OBD-II scanner and troubleshoot the problem.

    If you notice the car engine check light is on, the emissions control system’s fault would have to be addressed. It means the car is polluting the air, well beyond the permissible federal standards and it would fail the smog check or emissions inspection.You mustn’t confuse this light with the service or maintenance light.

    The car maintenance that you have to get done when these lights come on is different than the car engine check light. The former are triggered by things like the gallons of gasoline your vehicle has consumed, mileage, or other usage measurements.

    What Does a Lit-Up Check Engine Light Mean?

    Various things can cause your check light to come on. However, some of these are more common, such as:

    • Loose gas cap– Tighten the cap, and in case you have lost it, you’d have to replace it with a compatible one.
    • Bad oxygen sensor– You would need to get a new sensor, but you must identify which one is bad.
    • Failing or fouled spark plugs– Replace them.
    • Wires of the spark plug are bad– Try to replace the wires.
    • Faulty catalytic converter– Get a mechanic to inspect and replace the device if necessary.
    • Bad mas airflow sensor– You would need a new one.


    One of the best ways to avoid many of these problems is to have regular car maintenance done. You can contact us and speak with our experts to know more about the car engine check inspection and our services.

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