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    Engine Check: Why And How Often?

    An engine is the heart of your car. It needs to run smoothly to keep your vehicle moving. This fact makes it crucial to keep your engine functioning efficiently at all times, which means you need to maintain the right car engine service schedule. As a vehicle owner, you must be aware of things that can commonly go wrong with car engines.

    What Can Go Wrong with Your Car’s Engine?


    Engine maintenance is vital to keep you car running smoothly.

    Although certain engine problems are more complicated than others, most can be avoided by getting regular engine services done. These are the common engine problems you may run into:

    • Engine Won’t Start-This could be caused by several things such as ignition problems, faulty fuel pump, catalytic converter failure, loose or corroded battery cables, and more.
    • Service Engine Soon Light– This light in the dashboard indicates there are issues with the sensors connected to the engine or powertrain, or emission controls.
    • Engine Overheats– Things like a broken/damaged thermostat, defective radiator cap, failed radiator hose, low coolant level/dirt coolant, etc., can cause this problem.

    If you find yourself facing any of these common engine problems, contact us for our services. It’s never a good idea to ignore them as they would only escalate over time and become more costly to fix.

    Avoid Risks with Regular Car Maintenance

    Modern car engines have highly sophisticated and sensitive hydraulic lifters, electronic fuel injection, timing chains, platinum spark plugs, and electronic ignition systems. You must check engine compression with these cars every time you fit a new set of spark plugs.

    In most vehicles, the spark plugs last for a minimum of 74,000 miles. But the real engine check is done when you get a filter & oil change, and the mechanics check the engine level using a dipstick. This is the standard procedure that all credible service centers follow.

    The best way to avoid any expensive car repair is to get your vehicle serviced at regular intervals. Every manufacturer mentions this frequency in the car manual, and its best to stick to that. If you aren’t sure about the service schedule you need to maintain, contact a professional car service center.

    You can set an appointment for an engine check and service inspection. Our expert crew can inspect your car, the engine, and other components before any issues crop up. Preventive maintenance and service are the best ways to avoid engine and other issues and extend your vehicle’s lifespan significantly.

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