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    Winter Maintenance Checklist For Your Car

    With the winter months not far away, being prepared for sleet, snow, and ice-covered roads is crucial. You must make sure that your vehicle is in top condition and that you have the right kind of tires too. This is where winter auto maintenance comes in. 

    Winter Auto Maintenance

    A winter check-up by certified and experienced technicians can help identify lurking issues, if any. The skilled experts will also do all the routine maintenance and service the vehicle. They will check the fluids and oil levels and make sure the battery, etc., are all in good condition.

    These checks, as well as any minor part changes and upgrades, that you opt for can go a long way in improving the efficiency and safety of your vehicle during wintertime. It will also help ensure that you have a more comfortable ride. 

    Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

    Full-Service Car Care Company 

    Your car deserves only the best car maintenance services.

    Many different things can help to reduce the possibility of wear and breakdowns in your vehicle. Here is a winter auto maintenance checklist:

    • Oil Change-Switch to synthetic oil, as it won’t thicken up like traditional oil when temperatures drop, allowing it to flow much better to reduce the wear engine wear during the colder months.
    • Fluid and Wipers– Replace the wiper’s worn-out blades. Top-up with a good, winter-grade washer fluid; it won’t freeze within the pipes or damage the hoses when the temperatures drop.
    • Hoses and Belts– Inspect the components for leaks, bulges, and cracks that can emerge due to temperature fluctuations. If you notice any problem, take your vehicle to a car care center for a thorough winter check-up.
    • Battery- The battery power can weaken in sub-zero temperatures; it’s why you must keep it plugged in during the colder months.
    • Battery tender- If you are planning to park your vehicle for an extended time, install a battery tender – this will ensure it stays charged at the right storage voltage.
    • Switch to winter tires- These tires are made from rubber specifically designed for icy and snowy conditions, and they perform far better than all-season ones. Winter tires have deeper treads, which offers better traction on snow-covered, frosty, and icy roads.
    • Inspect the block heater- Test this component before frigid temperatures and icy conditions set in. Ensure there are no tears or cracks in the outlet, heater, or cord.

    Always take your vehicle to a reputable and well-established car care center for winter auto maintenance. The certified and experienced technicians will check all these aspects and conduct the necessary service and repairs so that you have a safe and comfortable ride during the colder months. For any information about our  services, contact us and discuss your requirements with our expert team.

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