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    Importance of Regular Maintenance to Keep Winter Tires in Great Condition

    Many believe that all-season tires do what they say and are perfect for all–year driving. While these tires do offer good traction, ride quality, fuel economy, and a longer tread life, they are far better for warmer weather conditions and do not offer optimal traction during wintertime.

    The tread-compound in all-season tires does not provide cold weather traction. They also harden if the temperature is below freezing point. This is why it’s a good idea to switch to winter tires during the colder months. These tires are far more reliable on snowy and icy roads and offer the safety and reliability you need in inclement weather conditions. However, like all other tires, these tires also need proper tire maintenance to perform optimally.

    Keep Your Car Clean During Winter

    Winter tire maintenance improves driving safety in icy conditions.

    Basic Winter Tire Maintenance

    The best way to ensure that your winter tires function as they should is to have some basic tire maintenance done, such as:

    • Seasonal tire rotation helps ensure that the tread is even and that you have a safer and more stable driving experience.
    • You must also get the tires balanced and aligned, so that the car doesn’t have a wobble when it’s on the road.
    • Make sure that all four tires are maintained equally.
    • Always install your tires in sets of four so that there is no mismatch, which can affect handling.
    • When you install them at the same time, they will also wear evenly and offer good traction.
    • While winter tires are reliable and improve driving safety, you also need to maintain the right tire pressure as that will increase the longevity of your winter tires.
    • Check inflation pressures during fall and winter as this is when the colder temperatures result in air contraction.
    • Make sure that the valve caps are on at all times. If you leave them off, it can result in a moisture freeze within the valve, which will allow the air to escape. 

    Aspects to Keep in Mind

    When you are buying winter tires, look for the snowflake imprint on their sidewall. It distinguishes them from snow-rated, mud-rated, and all-season tires. Proper winter tire maintenance will ensure safer drives and will keep your tires in good condition for longer.

    It’s also important to drive safely when there is snow and ice on the roads. For any information on winter tire maintenance and any of our services, please contact us with your queries. We are here to help.

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