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    Why You Should Consider an Oil Change in Winter

    The engine is the most important component of your car, and the oil is what helps keep it in good condition. Your car needs some extra TLC to ensure that it gets through the winter months without too much trouble. The freezing cold weather can affect your car’s fluids, especially its oil. This is what makes an oil change a crucial aspect of car maintenance during wintertime.

    The Relevance of an Oil Change During Winter

    Oil change

    The oil change helps in winterizing your vehicle.

    The oil change helps in winterizing your vehicle, keeps your engine safe, ensuring that it functions as it should. There are some very relevant reasons that makes an oil change necessary in winter, and here we take a closer look at them:

    • The primary reason you need to do this before winter is because you must change the type of oil being used in your vehicle. Colder temperatures affect oil consistency, and you must use oil with a lower viscosity in colder weather. It allows the oil to move freely through the engine even when the temperatures dip significantly. Note that you should never mix two different types of oil, and it’s vital that you actually replace the oil entirely before winter.
    • The cold temperatures put additional pressure on the oil filters, causing them to break or snap. This is more likely to occur with a worn or older filter. So, when you get an oil change, make sure that you replace the filter as well.
    • Replacing the oil before winter will help protect your car’s engine. The sludge that builds up in old engine oil tends to thicken too, and that can impede the flow of oil and impact engine performance.

    Common Problems Caused by Thickened Motor Oil

    Thick engine oil can affect your car in a number of ways. It can put pressure on the engine, and sometimes it won’t start at all. The additional pressure can also affect the battery. The simplest way to avoid all these problems is to get an oil change before winter.

    It’s also important to check whether all other parts of the vehicle are working the way they should. Use winter tires for better traction on icy and snowy roads, and always drive safe. We offer comprehensive car maintenance services, and you can contact us for more details. Our expert technicians can handle everything from oil changes and tire replacement to complete tune up, brake checkups, and more.

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