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    Auto AC Maintenance and Repair After Long Cold Winter

    Auto air conditioners ensure the car’s indoor environment is always comfortable. A vehicle’s metal body can absorb heat easily and make the cabin unbearably hot. Even rolling down windows isn’t enough, especially during peak summertime in warm regions. You need to carry out comprehensive auto AC repair and maintenance to ensure the system functions well after a winter break. 

    Common Problems With AC After a Long Winter

    A car’s air conditioning system doesn’t get much use during the winter, which can cause many issues. Some of the most common auto AC problems include:

    • Maintenance Tips For Diesel Engines

      It is important to replace your vehicle’s fluids.

      Refrigerant Leaks – Your car AC can develop refrigerant leaks during or after winter. This usually happens because some components of an AC unit can degrade with them, especially when exposed to extreme temperature changes.

    • Lose Refrigerant – If you haven’t been running the AC all winter, the refrigerant will eventually weaken and degrade. Your AC won’t cool as efficiently and consume more power to maintain a comfortable temperature.
    • Damage to Rubber Components – Rubber components can dry out and crack in winter after being exposed to extreme temperatures. The winter air will suck out all moisture, making these components brittle and weak. Once their structural integrity is compromised, they need to be replaced.

    If the AC stops working or isn’t performing according to standards, book professional auto repair services immediately.

    Avoid AC Problems After Winter

    Some preventative measures can help you avoid expensive auto AC repairs down the line. Service your vehicle regularly to keep all of its components in good condition, especially after it is exposed to harsh weather conditions. The winter season can wreak havoc on a car if it isn’t stored inside a garage or protected adequately.

    Car owners should also turn on the AC and let it run for a few minutes regularly, despite the cold. Frequent operation will keep the refrigerant running and the system warm, minimizing the damage caused by environmental factors.

    You can turn on the AC for a few minutes when you don’t intend to drive before letting the car become warm again prior taking it out. It is still a good idea to have some servicing done before summer sets in. That can help you avoid malfunctions when temperatures soar.

    Contact us at Allegiance Automotive for help with all your auto AC problems. We can access the system to determine what’s wrong before recommending repairs.

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