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    Fine Tuning the Acoustics of an American Muscle Car

    At Allegiance Automotive, we know that muscle cars are an international symbol of American automotive brilliance. From the Corvette to the Mustang to the GTO, these powerful, beautifully-designed vehicles are always the focus of attention. The acoustics produced by American muscle cars is one of the most highlighted features of this vehicle class.

    Many classic car owners will tell you that the best part of owning an American muscle car is the deep, ferocious growl the engine produces when it’s fired up. If you want to keep your fine piece of machinery purring for years to come, here are a few tips to fine tuning its acoustics.

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    An automotive technician maintains an American muscle car to fine tune the acoustics of the vehicle

    Modify the Exhaust System

    Exhaust systems don’t just funnel gases out from the engine; they are also key to providing the hallmark acoustics of an American muscle car. Sound vibrations travel from the engine all the way through the various components of the exhaust system and then out of the tailpipe. Other additions can be made to the different sections, resulting in that desirable American muscle car growl. 

    Check Exhaust System Components

    There are specific exhaust system pieces that may contribute to the suboptimal sound production of your restored American classic car. By bringing your car into an experienced service professional, you can ensure that the following components are contributing to that desired sound:

    Tubes:  Any clogs or dents to the tubing of your exhaust system can change the acoustics and prevent that classic startup growl.

    Mufflers: Installing a high-performance muffler helps improve the airflow and bolsters the acoustics of an American muscle car.

    Exhaust Tip: A new high-performance tip to your exhaust system may allow for sound to reverberate and accentuate the classic growl.

    American muscle car owners deserve to have their vehicles serviced by technicians who share a passion for these beautiful machines. Contact Allegiance Automotive to improve the acoustics of an American muscle car today!

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