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    How to Keep a Classic Car in Mint Condition

    You finally have it. The car of your dreams. Now that you’ve gone through classic car restoration, there is one last thing to worry about: How to keep a classic in mint condition? Owning a classic car is truly a never-ending cycle: maintenance, love, repair, love, and maintenance, rinse, wax repeat. Let’s talk about how to keep your car mint.

    A classic car with the top down in Huntington Beach.

    There is nothing like the glory of restoring  a classic car.

    Show it Off

    Don’t let your classic car just sit there! Keeping it in a garage, gathering dust is probably why it needed to be restored in the first place. You need to take your beauty out for a drive every so often. The minimum recommended amount to drive your vehicle is once per month. Having a classic car is a statement. So, get out on the road and make it.

    Proper Storage

    When you aren’t driving your car, proper storage is the key to keep a classic in mint condition. You need to keep your car out of extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Too much sunshine can fade your paint. It is best to make sure the area you store your classic is dry, ventilated, insulated and temperature regulated.

    Watch Out for That ______!

    Here is a list of things you need to look out for when caring for your classic car:

    • Brakes
    • Salty-roads
    • Rust
    • Tire-ware

    A Passion For Classic Cars

    Taking care of a classic car can seem daunting, and many people consider giving up on their dreams of owning a classic car. That process should be fun, enjoyable, and full of passion. Find a restorer and mechanic that will be as passionate about keeping your classic car in mint condition as you are. Ask questions! Your mechanic needs to be able to answer your questions without a lot of technical jargon.

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