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    What Are the Benefits of a Diesel Truck?

    There are several factors one needs to consider when buying a pickup truck. The biggest factor while making this decision is considering the difference between gasoline and diesel. Both come with their own sets of pros and cons that you should research before making your purchase. However, ultimately, it is diesel engines that offer much better fuel efficiency and longevity for your vehicle.

    diesel engine maintenance

    Diesel engines can create incredible torque and require less maintenance.

    Maintenance Costs

    The benefits of a diesel truck are endless, but one that keeps on giving throughout its life is the need for less maintenance. Since diesel trucks don’t require spark plugs or distributors, you’ll likely never find yourself in a situation where you have to perform ignition-related repairs or have your truck tuned. These repairs generally cost as high as $4,000 in the life of a gasoline truck.

    Improved Fuel Economy

    Typically, in America, one gallon of diesel costs approximately 40 cents more than a gallon of gas. Since most gasoline has octane as an additive, it more easily breaks apart during combustion, and this is why diesel trucks offer much better fuel economy. If you want statistics, diesel trucks have a 20% higher fuel economy overall compared to gas trucks.

    Incredible Torque

    Since turbo-diesels function at much higher turbocharger boost levels than your average gas trucks, they generate incredible torque. Diesel fuel generates 11 percent more energy per gallon of fuel than gasoline fuel does. However, you must keep in mind that when you work turbocharged engines hard to create an immense amount of power, they also use a lot more fuel.

    As such, diesel lasts much longer than gasoline engines do, provided that you give them the upkeep they need to function because even diesel engines need some maintenance.

    Got truck maintenance coming up and not sure where to go? Contact us now at Allegiance Automotive and get your diesel engine truck maintained.

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