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    American Classic Car Upgrades to Improve Safety

    If you consider yourself a car enthusiast, owning that dream, classic car you had on your bedroom wall back then is something you take very seriously. You want to experience the prestige of moving around in that car. While having an authentic classic car is very prestigious, you need to put safety first. Classic car upgrades are part of a vehicle’s restoration to enhance aesthetics and improve safety.

    1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

    We can upgrade your classic car to improve safety and restore beauty.

    Who Should Do Your Classic Car Upgrades?

    You could do the upgrades yourself; turn that restoration dream into a reality in your garage. This might bring a lot of satisfaction, but do you want to compromise the beauty and safety of your car with a Do It Yourself (DIY) project? Your vehicle deserves a restorer that pays attention to detail, one that will handle it with engulfing passion. We understand and care about your love for classic cars and will prove it by guiding you through the entire process. 

    Upgrades to Improve the Safety of Your American Classic Car

    Every classic car owner should understand that their classic beauties might be exciting but unsafe by modern standards. Your classic beauty needs modifications to compensate for its lack of safety features on modern vehicles. Here are some of the upgrades that will improve the safety of your classic car:

    • Power Steering: The steering on classic cars need systematic upgrades to match the precision and power of modern rack-and-pinion power steering. 
    • Brakes: To drive around in your American classic with confidence, you might consider upgrading your brakes to today’s fade-resistant disc brakes. 
    • Electronic Ignition Systems: Electronic ignition systems will reduce the maintenance requirements by increasing the life of the components in the circuit.


    Do you want your car upgraded but have no idea where to start? Contact us today so we can discuss the classic car upgrades you need. 

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