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    Is a Diesel Truck Right For You?

    Choosing between a diesel truck and a gas truck is not easy for new car buyers. Each of these types of cars has its pros and cons, and there are many variables to consider. Apart from the obvious issues like features, year of manufacture, size, and brands, you’ll also have to think about the fuel consumption, maintenance costs, availability of spare parts, and general performance. 

    Tips to Clean your Car Engine

    Maintenance is important on diesel trucks.

    Deciding Between a Diesel Truck and a Gas Truck

    The price is the first thing to think about when choosing between these two types of cars. Generally, diesel cars cost more than gas cars. So, if you are on a budget, you can opt for gas cars. The main reason for price differences is the additional parts needed in diesel engines. Just recently, the price of diesel cars increased further because EPA required diesel engines to be more eco-friendly.

    Another thing to consider is maintenance. To this end also, diesel cars can be costlier to maintain. This is because they have specialized parts that their gas counterparts don’t have. However, diesel trucks perform better than gas cars when it comes to fuel efficiency. They are also more powerful than gasoline cars.

    Pros And Cons of a Diesel Truck

    One of the greatest advantages of diesel cars is fuel efficiency. These trucks typically get anywhere from 20% to 30% more miles for every gallon than gas cars. Unfortunately, diesel prices are higher than gasoline prices. Though the price difference is small, it will add up depending on how you use the car. Another worry is that diesel isn’t as available as gas. 

    An advantage of diesel engines is that they don’t require much maintenance compared to gas trucks. This is because they don’t use spark plugs. However, diesel trucks and cars require regular filter changes, oil changes, and cleaning the water separator. Though the costs involved in doing these are small, they’ll build up because of the frequency.

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