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    What Does Your Check Engine Dashboard Sign Mean?

    Whether you’re a seasoned driver or not, everyone should take some time to understand the meaning of the car engine check light. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds! Although your car will still work if you don’t heed the warning, you might be heading down the path toward expensive repairs that could have been prevented with some preventative maintenance in the first place.

    The Check Engine Light Is Not Always About the Engine

    It’s important to know what the check engine light means and how it can affect your vehicle. If the light goes on, this is a signal that there may be a problem with the emissions system. The components of the emission system are: fuel injectors, fuel pump, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor(s), exhaust gas recirculation valve(s) or pressure sensor (EGR). There could be problems with these parts due to air leaks in hoses or sensors that need replacement. There could also be problems with intake valves sticking because of worn parts or deposits in combustion chambers. The fix will depend on where the issue is located.

    Never underestimate your’s car engine check light warning.

    The Spark Plugs Might Need to Be Replaced

    If your check engine light is on, it can mean that you have a problem with one of your spark plugs. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace the spark plugs as soon as possible. It’s best to do this during routine maintenance because it can be dangerous if you wait too long.

    The Oxygen Sensor Might Need to Be Replaced

    The oxygen sensor is an important part of your car’s emissions control system. Its job is to measure the air that goes through the vehicle’s engine and make sure it has enough oxygen in it. If there isn’t enough oxygen, the sensor sets off a check engine light on your dashboard.

    The Catalytic Converter Might Need to Be Replaced

    The catalytic converter is an important piece of equipment that is used to reduce harmful emissions from your car. When the function of this device becomes compromised, you need to get it replaced. The catalytic converter might need to be replaced if your check engine dashboard sign comes on or when you notice a decrease in fuel efficiency. 

    The Mass Airflow Sensor Might Need to Be Replaced

    The Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) is a part of the engine that measures how much air is flowing into the engine. The MAF then sends this information to the car’s computer. The computer will adjust how much fuel should be used based on this information. So, if there are any issues with the MAF, it can cause some really bad things to happen, like your car might not accelerate correctly or your gas mileage could decrease significantly.

    The Throttle Position Sensor Might Need to Be Replaced

    The throttle position sensor is responsible for telling the car’s computer whether or not the accelerator is pressed. If it fails, it will cause the engine to stall or over-rev at idle speeds, leading to a check engine sign on the dashboard.

    If you have any questions about what your car check engine light means, feel free to contact us at Allegiance Automotive and we can help you figure out what car maintenance your car needs!

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