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Allegiance Automotive: Quality Service and Repair for Your Vehicle

An instantly recognized icon of American automobiles, Ford Automotive is a long-standing brand with millions of loyal owners. At Fords Only, we love Ford products and spend every day repairing and maintaining Ford vehicles in our Boulder, Colorado location. We believe in Ford; the brand, the vehicles and the people who build and stand behind them.

From the true birth of the American automobile and Henry Ford’s groundbreaking moving assembly line Ford has been an iconic name and a true American made product. From the vehicles that revolutionized transportation, like the Model A and Model T introduced in 1908 standardizing the left side steering wheel, to the muscle car classics like the Ford Mustang, the modern fuel efficient vehicles like the Ford Fusion, and the fill line of SUVs, the product line has grown and changed with the maturing of our great country.

Ford Trucks have come through the same revolutionary journey as well from the stepside pickup to the power diesels of today. Big, strong and more efficient, Ford trucks and SUVs are commonplace on the highways and back roads of America.

The Advantage of Being Brand Specific

With so many different brands of automobiles on the road today, we specialize in Fords only to assure we maintain our expertise and provide the very best Ford vehicle service to you. Our long standing experience with Ford vehicles makes us the right choice in repair and maintenance for your Ford vehicle. We work on all models and have the knowledge and expertise to perform everything from a basic tune up to a complete Ford engine rebuild and overhaul.

Our Secret to Repairing Fords

Ford began 111 years ago in November of 1901 as an American car company and continues to operate factories throughout the United States today. Ford cars are built with quality parts, and when we maintain and repair Ford vehicles, we use original and top quality replacement parts. Fords today can operate in excess of 200,000 miles when well maintained. Our goal at Fords Only is to keep your Ford vehicle in the best condition possible and help you get the most miles possible for maximum return on your investment.

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