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    What to Do If Your Car Overheats 

    Preventive Maintenance Tips

    If your car overheats, the best thing to do is to get help from a mechanic or have it towed to avoid further damage to the engine. But, if those options are not available, follow these directions. Simple Steps for an Overheated Vehicle If your car overheats, do not drive more than a quarter-mile. Pullover […]

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    Benefits of Keeping Your Car Clean

    Keeping Your Vehicle Original Paint

    No matter what type of car you have in your garage or what you use it for, a clean and shiny vehicle always looks nice, and it also has many benefits for both you and your car. Today we want to write about the benefits of cleaning your car before hitting the road.  Safety A […]

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    Full-Service Car Repair and Maintenance Service in Boulder

    Keeping Your Vehicle Original Paint

    At Allegiance Automotive, our job is our passion, and we spend every day repairing and maintaining vehicles while providing superior customer service. We are proud to be ASE certified, which guarantees that qualified professionals handle your family vehicles, with the highest standards in quality. We understand how important is customer brand loyalty, no matter if […]

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    Protecting Your Car Against Rust

    Protect Your Car Against Rust

    Rust is usually caused by lots of exposure to salt and excess moisture, and can seriously damage your car components and lower its market value, especially if you are planning to sell or trade it to get a new car. But, it is not the end of the world; there are certain things you can […]

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    How to Remove Scratches From Your Car

    Fight Rust on Your Vehicle

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting your car to look pristine and amazing. It looks so much better when it’s clean and shiny in the sun. If there’s one thing that can detract from that beauty, is having scratches in the paint. Of course, getting a scratch in the paint is part of owning a car. […]

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    Pay Attention to These 3 Vehicle Maintenance Steps

    Car Maintenance Tips

    There are certain things on your vehicle that if you pay attention, it will help to keep you safe while you are driving. Today we want to give you some tips so you can be sure that your car is safe. 3 Car Maintenance Tips for Safe Driving   Replace Drained Fluids Vehicle fluids have a […]

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    Quality Service and Repair for Your Vehicle in Boulder

    It Is All About Our Customer´s Satisfaction When we open our automotive repair and maintenance shop every morning, we have a goal, and it is to deliver the best service possible, exceeding our customer´s expectations at all times. To achieve our goal we have gathered a team of highly qualified staff with the highest standards. […]

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    Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle

    diesel engine maintenance

    Keep Your Car in Optimal Condition Giving preventive maintenance to your car periodically will help you detect anything that is not working as it should, and fix it on time to prevent major damage that could cost more money. Here are some useful tips so you can perform your own inspection and keep your car in optimal […]

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    Advantages of Fully Detailing Your Vehicle

    Detailing Your Vehicle

    It is true that taking your car for regular maintenance to an automotive repair and maintenance shop like Allegiance Automotive periodically is very important for keeping your vehicle in optimal condition. But, there are other things you could do to help preserve your vehicle components and maintain its value. Performing a full detail service to […]

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    Taking Care of Your Vehicle with Class and Style

    premium automotive repair and maintenance solutions

    If you live in Boulder and need premium automotive repair and maintenance solutions for your vehicle, we are what you are looking for. High-quality car care with courtesy and commitment is what we do at our repair shop, no matter if it is your family car, sports car, business truck, or classic car, our professional mechanics […]

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