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    Fine Tuning the Acoustics of an American Muscle Car

    At Allegiance Automotive, we know that muscle cars are an international symbol of American automotive brilliance. From the Corvette to the Mustang to the GTO, these powerful, beautifully-designed vehicles are always the focus of attention. The acoustics produced by American muscle cars is one of the most highlighted features of this vehicle class. Many classic […]

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    Don’t Devalue Your Diesel Trucks with Generic Parts

    ford car

    Over our years of experience working with classic cars and trucks, we’ve seen how people of all technical backgrounds can have issues with their vehicles. As a Boulder, Colorado business, Allegiance Automotive is incredibly proud of the rugged terrain our great city has to offer – but we’re also well-aware of the problems it causes […]

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    Muscle Car Restoration by Professional and Passionate Mechanics

    Auto Repair Center in Boulder

    So you finally bought a project car. Congratulations! Soon you will be roaring down the road. But first, you need to get started on your muscle car restoration. Chances are, you’ll need some help along the way. After all, bringing a vehicle back to its former glory takes a lot of different skills.  Muscle Car […]

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    Beginner Tips for Muscle Car Restoration

    Fight Rust on Your Vehicle

    Restoring an old car can be a rewarding project. There’s nothing quite like hearing the rumble the first time you turn over the engine. That sound is made all the more satisfying by the effort it took to get to that point.  First, though, you need to find a project car. At this point, you […]

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    Convenient Truck Repair and Maintenance for Busy Customers

    Repair & Maintenance Vehicle Company

    Repairs are a necessary aspect of owning a vehicle, and fixing issues on time can help prevent them from getting out of hand and becoming troublesome and costly to fix. However, most people lead very busy lives these days and look for convenient auto repair solutions. They don’t want to spend excessive amounts of time […]

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    Improving the Performance of Your Classic Cars and Trucks

    Fight Rust on Your Vehicle

    Regardless of the type of classic car or truck you own, there are times when you feel that it can benefit from some performance upgrades. Classic car upgrades that professionals handle can significantly improve your car or truck’s feel, handling, and efficiency. It can be incredibly thrilling and enjoyable to drive a truck or car […]

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    Get Dealership Quality Auto Maintenance at Non-Dealership Prices

    Tips to Clean your Car Engine

    Automobile repair and upkeep are an unavoidable part of owning a car. Most automobiles need servicing every year and repairs on occasion, particularly if they are older. The owner has the choice of sending the car to a dealership for maintenance or using local automobile repair shop. Both options have benefits, but dealerships can be […]

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    The Importance of Regularly Scheduled Auto Tune-Ups

    diesel engine maintenance

    Regardless of whether your vehicle is old or new, you must get it tuned up at regular intervals to ensure that it runs properly and that all of the parts are in good working order. Many wonder what is the importance of auto tune-ups? It’s never good to push getting regular car servicing done. That would […]

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    Auto AC Maintenance and Repair After Long Cold Winter

    Young man polishing car in service

    Auto air conditioners ensure the car’s indoor environment is always comfortable. A vehicle’s metal body can absorb heat easily and make the cabin unbearably hot. Even rolling down windows isn’t enough, especially during peak summertime in warm regions. You need to carry out comprehensive auto AC repair and maintenance to ensure the system functions well […]

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    Avoid Common Automotive Problems Caused By Mountain Driving

    Boulder Colorado

    Mountain driving is a thrilling endeavor. You can enjoy stunning views, open roads, and challenging driving conditions that push your skills to the limit. However, this activity can take its toll on a vehicle, especially if the driver is careless. It is a good idea to take your car to a repair services shop before […]

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