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    Automotive Repair

    Cars are so much more than an efficient means of transportation. They allow our days to flow smoother, becoming an essential element of our lives. Therefore, every car owner knows how important is to take good care of it, in order to keep it running for a long time. For those of us, who love and are passionate about our car, we go even further because we understand that if we want our vehicle cruising safely and reliably along the roadways, we need professional automotive repair care.

    At Allegiance Automotive, we are passionate about automotive repair and restorations, providing for decades a full-service car care with superior customer service to Colorados car owners. We respect brand loyalty for all makes and models that roll off assembly lines in the USA and Europe, and when it comes to classic cars and muscle cars, no one can stop us!

    Tips to protect your classic car investment

    So, you are finally the proud owner of a unique, cool and elegant classic car. After months and maybe even years, working and investing in the best automotive repair services available in Colorado, all you need is to take good care of it and enjoy it. At Allegiance Automotive, we are passionate about classics, collect and muscle cars. Therefore, we understand how important it is for our customers to learn how to protect their automotive repair investment. Today, we would like to share some handy tips for caring for your classic car.

    Parking and storage

    This is no brainier. After spending so much money and time in automotive repair services, it is simply logical to have a good garage for your car. However, parking your car inside the garage is simply not enough. It should always be cleaned before storing and hopefully covered with a breathable car cover. This way, animals like birds and cats won’t damage it. When parking outdoors, try to avoid direct sun, especially on the paint job and wheels.

    Storing for long periods

    If you plan to store your classic car for a long time, it is best to take it for automotive repair services before, and get all fluids changed, including oil and other specific fluids. Fill the gas tank up and add some fuel stabilizer. This will help to avoid moisture and mold from growing in a partially filled gas tank.

    Keep your tires properly inflated, to prevent flat spots. This may occur on cars that have sat for extended periods of time. You can also consider using jack stands to lift your car.

    Clean it well on the inside, to keep mice and other animals away. Rodents love to make nests in ventilation systems, leaving droppings, and chewing wires and upholstery. You can also try placing steel wool in your exhaust pipe. Just remember to take it out before starting the engine.

    Drive it!

    Finally, the best suggestion we can give to all automotive repair customers and engine lovers is to drive their rides. Nothing works better for an engine than continuous use. Letting an engine sit for too long will cause more damage than one cared for properly. Keep good maintenance, run a scheduled automotive repair service as needed and enjoy your machine while cruising the streets. Contact, Allegiance Automotive today and learn everything you need to know about automotive repair services. 

    No matter your car brand, model or custom features, Allegiance Automotive, with a total combined 75 years experience, has a professional automotive repair staff in Colorado. Whatever you have in your garage that needs attention … we’re your car care and superior customer service professionals! Our full-service ASE certified mechanics and diesel specialists are qualified to service all car and truck makes and models. 

    You could be driving a family car, an elegant sports car, a powerful truck or a breathtaking classic; Allegiance Automotive is {location} best automotive repair full service provider. Our passionate staff can handle anything from an oil change or a basic tune up to a brake job, complete engine rebuild or a high performance package added to the machine. Contact us today, and let the good times roll.

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