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    Automotive Repair in North Boulder

    Cars are so much more than an efficient means of transportation. They allow our days to flow smoother, becoming an essential element of our lives. Therefore, every car owner knows how important is to take good care of it, in order to keep it running for a long time. For those of us, who love and are passionate about our car, we go even further because we understand that if we want our vehicle cruising safely and reliably along the roadways, we need professional automotive repair care.

    At Allegiance Automotive, we are passionate about automotive repair and restorations, providing for decades a full-service car care with superior customer service to Colorados car owners. We respect brand loyalty for all makes and models that roll off assembly lines in the USA and Europe, and when it comes to classic cars and muscle cars, no one can stop us!

    Classic Car Restoration mistakes

    Working on a car is already a complex task, even a simple project as an oil change requires a certain level of skill. It is true that there is pride in DIY projects. However, at North Boulder car owners tend to overestimate their mechanical skills, and when it comes to a automotive repair project you need real skills and knowledge. 

    Restoring a classic car is a dream for many North Boulder citizens. There is passion in bringing a part of history back to life, but it is important to acknowledge your limitations, otherwise your automotive repair could become an expensive frustration. After working for decades in classic car restorations and providing the best automotive repair services to North Boulder citizens, at Allegiance Automotive, we have gained much experience and knowledge in automotive repair projects and today we would like to share some handy automotive repair tips. 

    Proper automotive repair planning

    Actually, this is a rule of thumb for any automotive repair project. No matter if it is a muscle car upgrade, an antique or classic car restoration project, it is vital to establish a methodical plan and to get prepared before your automotive repair quest. 

    Set your budget. It is important to keep in mind that a automotive repair project could bring unexpected surprises in the process, and it is almost for sure it will cost more than expected. Do your homework before starting your automotive repair project. Do extensive research on parts, manuals, literature and anything useful on your automotive repair project. 

    Detailed documentation

    Rebuilding an engine is extremely complex. Therefore, it is important to have detailed documents of the disassembly process, taking pictures of the parts. Try to stick with the originals and look for the same replacements. This could also help avoiding purchasing the same parts twice.

    Avoid trashing parts too early. Sometimes, finding original parts for classic cars is quite hard and expensive, and a professional automotive repair expert could actually restore the original part. Never discard or sell any part until the job is done. Professional automotive repair experts can also have a better idea where to score complex parts. 

    At Allegiance Automotive, we have many years automotive repair experience and a true passion for old, muscle and classic cars. Contact us today and let us be part of your automotive repair project. 

    No matter your car brand, model or custom features, Allegiance Automotive, with a total combined 75 years experience, has a professional automotive repair staff in Colorado. Whatever you have in your garage that needs attention … we’re your car care and superior customer service professionals! Our full-service ASE certified mechanics and diesel specialists are qualified to service all car and truck makes and models. 

    You could be driving a family car, an elegant sports car, a powerful truck or a breathtaking classic; Allegiance Automotive is North Boulder best automotive repair full-service provider. Our passionate staff can handle anything from an oil change or a basic tune-up to a brake job, complete engine rebuild or a high-performance package added to the machine. Contact Us today, and let the good times roll.

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