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    Car Performance Upgrade in Erie

    Cars are so much more than an efficient means of transportation. They allow our days to flow smoother, becoming an essential element of our lives. Therefore, every car owner knows how important is to take good care of it, in order to keep it running for a long time. For those of us, who love and are passionate about our car, we go even further because we understand that if we want our vehicle cruising safely and reliably along the roadways, we need professional car performance upgrade care.

    At Allegiance Automotive, we are passionate about car performance upgrade and restorations, providing for decades a full-service car care with superior customer service to Colorados car owners. We respect brand loyalty for all makes and models that roll off assembly lines in the USA and Europe, and when it comes to classic cars and muscle cars, no one can stop us!

    Recognizing a transmission failure

    Regardless whether you drive a manual or automatic car, the transmission is one of the most important aspects of your cars engine and entire mechanical performance. A smooth shifting transmission will provide the strength and speed that your car requires, without forcing the engine. Therefore, it is vital to keep your transmission working properly if you want a car running safely and effortless for years.

    After decades of providing the best car performance upgrade services to Erie car owners, disassembling, fixing, upgrading and putting back together all sorts of transmissions for all sorts of vehicles, at Allegiance Automotive, we have observed the most common transmission issues, Erie citizens face. Today, we would like to share them with you, in order to help you avoid bigger and more expensive problems.

    Reading transmission failure signs

    There are several ways to notice whether your transmission requires attention. The easiest one is getting a warning light sign on your dashboard panel. The problem is that many Erie car owners tend to ignore the signal, simply because they don’t feel anything wrong when driving. If you get a warning sign, don’t hesitate to take your car for car performance upgrade services. Otherwise, it could escalate to more expensive issues.

    Transmission fluid leaks

    Noticing a small fluid stain on your driveway is a clear sign that the transmission of your car needs service. Leaks mostly occur because of a gap somewhere in your transmission. Therefore, it is vital to take your car to car performance upgrade services, so an expert can determine the cause of the leak and get it fixed. Common sources of transmission leaks are loose pans, damaged bell housings or faulty gaskets.

    Unsuccessful gear changes

    It doesn’t matter if you drive a small family hatchback or a powerful muscle car, your vehicles transmission system should work smoothly, changing gears in time and effortless. If you drive a manual car and notice a grinding feeling every time you shift gears, you need immediate car performance upgrade services. Similar issues might occur with automatic transmissions. On automatic cars, when a buzzing sound occurs when shifting gears, this can be a sign of overheating. In this case, it is also imperative to take your ride for car performance upgrade services.

    None of the car performance upgrade issues mentioned before are hard to get fixed, but not taking care of them quickly enough could translate into bigger and more expensive problems. Contact Allegiance Automotive today and learn everything you need to know about transmissions and how to get them fixed.

    No matter your car brand, model or custom features, Allegiance Automotive, with a total combined 75 years experience, has a professional car performance upgrade staff in Colorado. Whatever you have in your garage that needs attention … we’re your car care and superior customer service professionals! Our full-service ASE certified mechanics and diesel specialists are qualified to service all car and truck makes and models.

    You could be driving a family car, an elegant sports car, a powerful truck or a breathtaking classic; Allegiance Automotive is Erie best car performance upgrade full-service provider. Our passionate staff can handle anything from an oil change or a basic tune-up to a brake job, complete engine rebuild or a high-performance package added to the machine. Contact Us today, and let the good times roll.

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