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    Muscle Car Upgrade in Superior

    Cars are so much more than an efficient means of transportation. They allow our days to flow smoother, becoming an essential element of our lives. Therefore, every car owner knows how important is to take good care of it, in order to keep it running for a long time. For those of us, who love and are passionate about our car, we go even further because we understand that if we want our vehicle cruising safely and reliably along the roadways, we need professional muscle car upgrade care.

    At Allegiance Automotive, we are passionate about muscle car upgrade and restorations, providing for decades a full-service car care with superior customer service to Colorados car owners. We respect brand loyalty for all makes and models that roll off assembly lines in the USA and Europe, and when it comes to classic cars and muscle cars, no one can stop us!

    Boost up your ride

    It doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive. It comes to a certain moment when we all feel we just need a little more power. Your family car might need a new turbo engine, or maybe you feel you can handle a boost of power in your muscle car. Regardless of the muscle car upgrade goal you have, it is important to know exactly what and how to modify your ride, otherwise, you could easily ruin it. 

    Driving around Superior outdoors is delightful, and cruising in a well-powered car is just addictive. However, before looking for nitro kits and bigger turbos, it is important to understand how they work and how sensitive muscle car upgrade projects can be.

    Torque and acceleration

    When it comes to better acceleration, properly matching your engines torque curve to the vehicle is essential. Engine torque is what accelerates your vehicle. However, there are several ways you can achieve better acceleration with the proper muscle car upgrade guiding.   


    Turbos come in a variety of styles and installed by a professional muscle car upgrade technician can easily provide fuel efficiency or power as required. However, fitting correctly a replacement turbo is not easy at all. It requires professional muscle car upgrade expertise and skill. 

    Most car owners in Superior upgrade their car turbo to a larger compressor and exhaust housing. This is a popular muscle car upgrade project that will provide more overall power. Some turbos could be the same size as your current one but are simply stronger and capable of running more boost pressure without failing. 

    A turbo with a larger exhaust housing will give less exhaust back pressure which will increase your power, but at the expense of some low RPM power.  A larger compressor, with a standard size exhaust housing, will give more power, but the small exhaust housing can be restrictive at high boost. 

    Nitrous kits

    When looking to boost the acceleration of your car, a nitrous system is a great muscle car upgrade option. There are several performance levels, nitrous systems, ranging from 50 to 500hp. In Superior a 150hp system could cost about $500. Of course, the price could vary between brands and quality. 

    It is important to consider that too much power could break and damage your engine. Therefore, it requires an expert muscle car upgrade specialist to perform these upgrades correctly. At Allegiance Automotive, we have boosted sport, muscle, classic and traditional family cars for decades. We would gladly help on your muscle car upgrade project.

    No matter your car brand, model or custom features, Allegiance Automotive, with a total combined 75 years experience, has a professional muscle car upgrade staff in Colorado. Whatever you have in your garage that needs attention … we’re your car care and superior customer service professionals! Our full-service ASE certified mechanics and diesel specialists are qualified to service all car and truck makes and models. 

    You could be driving a family car, an elegant sports car, a powerful truck or a breathtaking classic; Allegiance Automotive is Superior best muscle car upgrade full-service provider. Our passionate staff can handle anything from an oil change or a basic tune-up to a brake job, complete engine rebuild or a high-performance package added to the machine. Contact Us today, and let the good times roll.

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