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    What Are the Benefits of a Diesel Truck?

    Tips to Clean your Car Engine

    There are several factors one needs to consider when buying a pickup truck. The biggest factor while making this decision is considering the difference between gasoline and diesel. Both come with their own sets of pros and cons that you should research before making your purchase. However, ultimately, it is diesel engines that offer much […]

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    Superior Car Care and Repair Center for Your Vehicles in Boulder

    Car Care and Repair Center

    Here at Allegiance Automotive, our primary goal is to offer premium car care and repair services that exceed our customer’s expectations at all times. To achieve our goal, we have invested a significant amount of resources in high-end equipment and highly-professional mechanics with many years of experience in the automotive industry.  3 Reasons to Bring […]

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    Best Maintenance Tips For Diesel Engines

    diesel engine maintenance

    How to Take Care of a Diesel Vehicle It is well known that diesel cars are an economical transportation option since diesel is cheaper than regular gasoline. However, diesel engines are far more complex than the gasoline ones, which usually makes them more expensive to repair. Knowing how to take proper care of your diesel […]

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    Car Care Tips for SUV Owners

    Car Maintenance

    SUVs, like any other vehicle, require routine care and maintenance in order to ensure optimum performance and safe operation. While most of the tips and advices we give are applicable to every vehicle and suitable to every car owner, there are a number of advices that are specific to certain types of cars. This is […]

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    Maintaining Your Hybrid Vehicle

    When it comes to routine maintenance, hybrids differ a little from regular vehicles. Other than the additional electric drive motor and the systems that control the on-board storage batteries, routine maintenance for hybrids are pretty much the same with your father’s Oldsmobile. In order to keep your hybrids in top shape, here are a few […]

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    Tips to Keep Your Car in Great Shape

    Auto repairs can be hefty and expensive. That being said, keeping your car in top shape is important as it will help you keep your household budget in good shape as well. Being a car owner, car care is expected of you. Car ownership goes beyond just putting gas in your vehicle, cranking it up […]

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    How to Prevent Rust Damage

    How To Prevent Rust

    That orangey-brown mess that accumulates on your car is not only unsightly, but it also significantly depreciates the resale value of your car. Once rust starts forming, it will continue to spread; thus, making it hard to repair and remove. As a car owner, it is important that you know how to prevent it from […]

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    Transmission Trouble: Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

    Vehicle rattle noise

    Diagnosing your car’s problem may seem like an impossible task. In order to make things a bit easier, you should think of it as your own body. If your stomach hurts, you should probably create a mental list of the things you ate. The same principle should also be applied in diagnosing car problems. Transmission […]

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    4 Serious Car Maintenance Mistakes

    Car headlight bulb

    It’s pretty easy to take some car problems for granted, especially if your car is capable of doing what it’s supposed to do. Let’s face it. Most of us are guilty of ignoring these problems at one point or another. However, addressing these problems improperly will only make things worse. In this article, we have […]

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    Is Your Car Making Your Allergies Worse?

    cabin air filter

    Spring will soon be in the air. With it come the pollutants, dust and pollen that are usually drawn inside your vehicles through the ventilation and air conditioning systems. The cabin air filters are the ones responsible for cleaning the air and getting rid of the allergens. So, it is important to have them replaced […]

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