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    Muscle Car Restoration by Professional and Passionate Mechanics

    Auto Repair Center in Boulder

    So you finally bought a project car. Congratulations! Soon you will be roaring down the road. But first, you need to get started on your muscle car restoration. Chances are, you’ll need some help along the way. After all, bringing a vehicle back to its former glory takes a lot of different skills.  Muscle Car […]

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    Beginner Tips for Muscle Car Restoration

    Fight Rust on Your Vehicle

    Restoring an old car can be a rewarding project. There’s nothing quite like hearing the rumble the first time you turn over the engine. That sound is made all the more satisfying by the effort it took to get to that point.  First, though, you need to find a project car. At this point, you […]

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    Finding a Reliable Mechanic

    Word of mouth works

    Mechanics have gained a tarnished reputation through the years. As a car owner, we are sure that you have a story or two to share. When it comes to car repairs, it is obvious that everyone wants the best value for their money. There are some basic steps involved in choosing an experienced and reliable […]

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