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    road trip

    Preparing Your Car for a Road Trip

    Take care of your brakes

    If you are planning to go on a road trip this Christmas Season, you have to make sure that your vehicle is in proper working condition or you might end up stuck by the side of a deserted road. This could ruin your fun. So, in order to avoid being in this situation, read on […]

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    Ten Best and Worst Automotive Gadgets

    Take care of your brakes

    As the line between automotive electronics and consumer electronics grows ever closer, the list of new-car options has grown at an incredible pace. As a person who’s constantly in a new vehicle and has an insatiable love for gadgetry, click through the jump for my top 10 must-haves and the 10 options you should avoid […]

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    Ten Surprising Car Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

    2002 honda crv with picnic table

    If you are like us, you love cars, and know a lot about them. But, here is a list of ten surprising car facts that even the most knowledgeable car nerds on the Internet may not know. Here are our favorite factoids: 10.) The Honda CRV Came With A Picnic Table The first and second […]

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    Remote Access Makes Your Smartphone a Virtual Keyfob

    social ford

    < You can do some pretty amazing things with smartphones these days. In a world where your phone can be – among other things – an encyclopedia, GPS and a personal assistant, Ford is entering a new frontier of mobile technology with the Remote Access application for select Ford and Lincoln vehicles. This aftermarket add-on […]

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    How Your Ford Went from Doodle to Driveway

    Car design

    Back in 1951, conversations began about having a “true Ford sports car.” It wasn’t long before “paper sports cars” were created in the Ford design studios in an effort to have this new car in production for the 1955 model year. May 1, 1953, became the target date for a full-size clay model of this […]

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    Scenic Drives with Higher Speed Limits

    lamborghini repair

    In most parts of this great nation of ours, driving roads are controlled by lower speed limits that are meant to save the lives of motorists. But with higher-speed highways and back roads, driving enthusiasts can hit the gas and enjoy a scenic view. As follows are five of the best “fast and furious” roads […]

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    Ford Never Stops Improving

    Built Ford Tough

    The longer I work with Fords, the more I respect the company’s innovation. A recent press release described Ford’s latest technological breakthrough—a patented manufacturing process that has the potential to reduce costs and delivery time for sheet metal parts needed in smaller quantities. Based on Ford Freeform Fabrication Technology (F3T), a process developed at the […]

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    Summer Car Care Tips

    Summer Car Care

    Summer is the time when we all love to pack up and go on long drives for picnics. We may go with our friends, family or even all by ourselves but we just cannot fight the urge to travel by car when the mercury rises. It helps to follow some special summer car care tips […]

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    Don’t Forget Your Air Filter

    car air filter

    While engines need air in order to run, for an engine to work efficiently, the air that it takes in needs to be as clean as possible. Your engine sucks in dirt, pollen, salt, and even bird feathers to create the controlled explosion that moves your motor. But you don’t want that stuff in your […]

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    Five Great Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car

    Car on road

    Taking good care of your car will stand you in good stead, no matter how old your vehicle is. Here are five obvious—and not so obvious—ways to give your vehicle the staying power you want. Aim for shade A garage works best, but if that’s not an option minimize interior damage from UV sunlight and […]

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