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    How To Change Your Car’s Oil

    Transmission fluid change

    Look under your car to find the drain plug. The drain plug is a large nut or plug located under the oil pan at the bottom of the engine. If you can’t reach your oil drain plug easily, you’ll have to either crawl under your car to reach it or jack up the car. Push […]

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    Remote Access Makes Your Smartphone a Virtual Keyfob

    social ford

    < You can do some pretty amazing things with smartphones these days. In a world where your phone can be – among other things – an encyclopedia, GPS and a personal assistant, Ford is entering a new frontier of mobile technology with the Remote Access application for select Ford and Lincoln vehicles. This aftermarket add-on […]

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    The Safest Place for Your Car: Your Garage!

    heritage garage

    One of the best—and least technical things—you can do to extend the life of your car may be right in your own back yard – your garage! We find it amazing that most people’s second most valuable investment gets short thrift, while holiday wreaths, old boxes, and paint cans get prime space in the garage. […]

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    Classic Car Care 101

    Repair & Maintenance Vehicle Company

    A classic car is a beautiful way to capture a moment in history. Turn back the hands of time for your one-of-a-kind ride with the right classic car care regimen. Proper exterior maintenance adds years of enjoyment to your classic car or truck. Some classic car owners pay a professional to wash their invaluable ride. […]

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    How Your Ford Went from Doodle to Driveway

    Car design

    Back in 1951, conversations began about having a “true Ford sports car.” It wasn’t long before “paper sports cars” were created in the Ford design studios in an effort to have this new car in production for the 1955 model year. May 1, 1953, became the target date for a full-size clay model of this […]

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    Scenic Drives with Higher Speed Limits

    lamborghini repair

    In most parts of this great nation of ours, driving roads are controlled by lower speed limits that are meant to save the lives of motorists. But with higher-speed highways and back roads, driving enthusiasts can hit the gas and enjoy a scenic view. As follows are five of the best “fast and furious” roads […]

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    Ford Sync Says Bring in the Droids!

    Man with Laptop

    So the iPhone 4S is here… and as we all wait for Apple to release the iPhone 5, many of us have renewed our cell phone contracts and have decided to get a Blackberry, an HTC, an LG or a Samsung Android-based smartphone – and Ford’s Sync system works well with them. Sync, the hands-free […]

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    Summer Car Care Tips

    Summer Car Care

    Summer is the time when we all love to pack up and go on long drives for picnics. We may go with our friends, family or even all by ourselves but we just cannot fight the urge to travel by car when the mercury rises. It helps to follow some special summer car care tips […]

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    Don’t Forget Your Air Filter

    car air filter

    While engines need air in order to run, for an engine to work efficiently, the air that it takes in needs to be as clean as possible. Your engine sucks in dirt, pollen, salt, and even bird feathers to create the controlled explosion that moves your motor. But you don’t want that stuff in your […]

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    Spotlight on Annual Brake Checkup

    Car Brakes Maintenance Tips

    If you are on a tight budget or simply prone to procrastination, you may find yourself delaying your appointments with your auto shop. It might seem harmless enough, but it’s actually a big mistake. Poorly maintained vehicles can cause thousands of wrecks each year. The bill for accidents resulting from such vehicles tops $2 billion […]

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