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    Our car is in great hands

    ​My husband and I purchased a salvaged vehicle last year, we knew there might be some issues so we also purchased a warranty. However, when the car started giving us problems we really didn’t know who to turn to. Luckily we were paired with Bob and his team at Allegiance Automotive through a referral and we are so thankful!

    We brought our car in for them to look at, they did a very comprehensive review of the car and found quite a few issues. They took the time to explain the problems with the vehicle in laymans terms, they really wanted to make sure we understood the challenges. Even more importantly they took the time to communicate with our warranty company and advocate for us on our behalf. It totally paid off!

    We’ve had the car in twice with substantial issues and Bob and his team have diligently worked to identify the issues, explain the issues to us, advocate to the warranty company and make high quality repairs. We are so confident knowing that our car is in great hands, we enjoy working with Bob and his team at Allegiance Automotive. We highly recommend them for any work that you need done in or out of the normal range of car maintenance.

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